General conditions



Booking conditions:


15% at the time of reservation

85% 30 days before the arrival

To CONFIRM a reservation, you must send it to MAUTER VILLAS, all the data of the tourists (nº ID and/or passport, full address, email and a telephone contact). You will also be notified at the time of the booking by email, to confirm it.

For all the payments, in case of a credit card, we accept: VISA, MASTERCARD AND MAESTRO. A payment with any other credit card may incur additional charges. If you prefer another payment method, like a banc transfer, or cash at your arrival, we beg that you inform us in the time of the reservation.

No reservations are accepted for the San Juan fiestas, neither Cincuagema, whatever the age.

No reservations are accepted for groups of clients under 20 years (the principal occupant must have a certain age, and in the case of a minor without parents, you must hand in a completed authorization.

All our reservations include towels and bed linen.




There is a local tax for the final client to pay, it is not included in the rental price. It must be paid in the final payment of the reservation.

Reservations between 01/05 and 31/10

2,20€ per night per adult (=+16)

If the reservation is longer than 9 nights, then the tax price goes to 50%

For the rest of the year:

1,10€ per night per adult (=+16)



Arrivals. – Our accommodations are ready since 15:00pm from your arrival day, except express specification. You can always request an early entrance, under availability, and with a reduced cost.

The client must come by our office, located at Calle Pau, 40 of Ciutadella de Menorca, to sign the part of Hospederías (Decree VFT of May 2016).

In case of a different arrival, our reception will contact you previously, to ease the paperwork.

Our accommodations must be cleared at 10:00am the they of your departure, except express specification. You can always request a late departure, under availability, and with a reduced cost.




From Mondays to Fridays: 09:00am – 13pm and to 15pm - 18:00 pm

Saturdays: 09:00 am to 15:00 pm

Sundays: SHUT.

Reception contact number: (00)34 971 154 460



The properties do not have a telephone. We recommend bringing with you a mobile phone to be able to communicate. We also beg you to have patience, because in many areas of the island the signal can be low or zero.



The rubbish collection service in Minorca is carried out at night in the containers suitable for this purpose (normally green and located in the street).

You must keep in mind that many of our accommodations are in rural areas, and the stored garbage can attract cats, insects and other not so nice animals. In this case, you will find the trash can on the main road closest to your accommodation.

At your departure, NO trash bag must be left in your housing. If not so, you will have an economic penalisation between 40€ and 100€ depending on the amount of rubbish left inside your accommodation.



We beg you to not use the toilet like a bin. All our accommodations have a bin in the bathrooms.

For a better function of our ecosystem and to avoid blockages, etc. We beg you to NEVER throw these materials:

Wet wipes tampons and sanitary towels, oils, condoms, medication, nappies, etc.

In the case of having a failure due to misuse, the client will pay the charge of the professional who must act, and a fine between 50€ and 100€, depending on the gravity.



We are in a small island with another level of humidity. For that reason, during this stage of the year we can find mosquitoes and/or flies.

The accommodations with gardens and/or swimming pools must have special care not to leave drinks or open meals, because they could attract many ants.

Most of our accommodations are legally and professionally sprayed to prevent such ants. In the case of rain, you will probably see ants for a few hours but in a limited time, they will disappear.

We remind you that we are on an island, where there is a lot of field, it is very humid and there is hardly any asphalt. In the case of viewing any of these animals or feeling annoyed, Mauter Villas will put all their means to avoid this situation, so you can enjoy a more pleasant stay.

Both mosquitoes and other farm animals are inevitable, and neither the accommodation provider nor Mauter Villas assume any responsibility for the inconvenience/trouble caused.



In case of lost keys of the accommodation or have to force a safe, the client must contact with Mauter Villas, and they will send a professional to resolve the situation.

The client must pay the invoice directly to the professional.



It is totally forbidden to move the furniture of the property as well as any type of aesthetic modification.



It is totally forbidden to disturb neighbors with music or noise. You can only play music and make noise higher than 65 decibels from 9am to 10pm.

Parties are prohibited, in case the police is present, you will be totally responsible for the sanction.



The accommodations are private properties of different owners and are usually located in residential areas. They are not found in tourism complexes, so incidentally it may happen that unexpected works take place in the surroundings. These works are usually carried out by owners or government organization with whom we have no relationship and therefore we have no influence on these acts. Neither the accommodation provider nor Mauter Villas SLU therefore assumes any responsibility for the inconvenience caused by the works that are not carried out on behalf of the Supplier of the Accommodation.



The power cuts of water, electricity or internet are not usual. The municipal authorities can agree to temporarily cut the supply to breakdowns.

As for the internet, Menorca is not a big city, and we do not have high quality Wi-Fi everywhere. The connection is to consult emails or usual internet browsing, but not to download or streaming, since you could run out of Wi-Fi.

In the case of signal failure, you should not reset our routers, because it will have an extra cost. The IT installer must go to the property, and it will cost 40€.



All our accommodations have civil liability insurance and a minimum for theft for the clients in case of breaks to have access to accommodation. Please use the safe available, and never leave valuables or money, in any visible place.

The rental price does not include any optional insurance. We advise you to hire specific travel insurance.

Responsibility: Mauter Villas explicitly declares that it acts as an intermediary between owners and tenants, and is only responsible for the correct information of the accommodation offered, of the indicated endowment and its precise location. It declines all responsibility for any damage, accident, delay or other causes unrelated to the management of the rental of the property.



If the cancellation occurs for justified reasons and indicated and duly accredited by document, and in advance of the minimum reservation of 7 nights, the return of payment will be total.

The General Conditions of Cancellation for Mauter Villas SLUM

Cancellation of + or 28 days before arrival: first payment.

Cancellation between 28 and 0 days before arrival: 100% of the total.

In the case of dismantling the accommodation before the departure date, there will be no right to reimbursement.



Any claims made after the departure, cannot be treated for lack of the most elementary criteria that could process the claim, and therefore, will not be valid. Any complaint or suggestion should be treated during the stay, and Mauter Villas SLU, has 48 hours, to solve with the competent equipment, any type of anomaly. Mauter Villas SLU, has the right to change accommodation, simple and whenever there are major causes.



Simply by being part of the product offered and hired in a reservation, is the express acceptance by the tenant/client of each and every one of the General Conditions. To be aware of all claims that may be made, both the tenant and the Company are subjected to the courts of Ciutadella de Menorca waiving any jurisdiction.

For any questions, please get in touch with Mauter Villas SLU, either by email or telephone.

Thank you very much; we hope that all our customers enjoy a well-deserved vacation and a perfect stay in our Island.