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14 Top Things To Do If You Visit Ciutadella

14 top things to do if you visit Ciutadella

If you are planning a trip to Menorca, Ciutadella is worth a visit. The former capital of the island, where time seems to have stood still, has a beautiful historic centre that will captivate you with the magic of its winding cobbled streets and its Gothic and Baroque architecture.

Ciutadella has a rich history reflected by the different cultures that inhabited the island, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Muslims, British or French left a visible mark today through the archaeological remains and architecture. The emblematic buildings we can see today are an illustration of the intense activity of the period when Ciutadella was the capital of the island and of its rich cultural heritage.

Furthermore, the city offers one of the best atmospheres in Menorca, with an infinite number of restaurants where you can taste the best gastronomy and an unparalleled port that will leave no visitor unmoved.

14 Ideas For Visiting Ciutadella

1. Des Born Square

Des Born square is the nerve centre of Ciutadella, framed by beautiful 19th century buildings such as the neoclassical Palau Torre-Saura and the City Hall, where now we can find a viewpoint at the back with exceptional views of the Port of Ciutadella.

In the center of the square you will find a large obelisk of 22m high in memory of the great battle that took place in 1558 against the Turkish army that ended up destroying the city.

Des Born Square

2. Salort Palace

The Palau de Salort is one of the most emblematic manor homes in Ciutadella and one of the few that can be visited today. It still preserves its original neoclassical façade from 1813 and the Salort family coat of arms can still be seen on the roof of the entrance hall.

Salort Palace

3. Menorca Cathedral

Located in the city center we find the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Ciutadella, the most important Gothic building of the island that is built on a former mosque.

Menorca Cathedral

4. Ses Voltes

Following the route through the historic centre from the cathedral we arrive at Josep Maria Quadrado street, one of the most unique streets in the old town, characterised by the vaults, arches and pillars that support the buildings. This area of the city is known as Ses Voltes and there are a wide variety of restaurants and souvenir shops to buy typical items as the famous Menorcan sandals called abarcas.

Ses Voltes

5. Shopping in traditional markets

Mercat des Peix in Ciutadella is one of the most visited places by tourists to buy fish and seafood. It is also possible to buy fruit and vegetables from the vegetable gardens of Menorca as well as meat and sausages in the surrounding area. In recent times the market area has become fashionable for the Tardeo, or what is the same as going out for a drink in the afternoon.

Menorca Traditional Market

6. Ciutadella Town Museum

The museum is located in Plaça de Sa Font, in the Bastió de Sa Font, a building that was part of the city wall. This museum of archaeology and history has a large collection of prehistoric objects through which you can learn about the various historical periods of the island of Menorca.

Ciutadella Town Museum

7. Molí des Comte

Built by the first Count Torre Saura in 1812 as a granary to store wheat and other cereals to supply the city. In 1909 was no longer used for this purpose and in 2009 it became the current grill restaurant offering different Menorcan specialities with suckling pig, sirloin, monkfish or cod.

Molí des Comte

8. Sant Nicolau Castle

Strategically located at the mouth of the port of Ciutadella, it was built at the end of the 17th century by the Spanish military as a defence and surveillance tower, one of the many military defence towers along the entire coast of Menorca.

Sant Nicolau Castle

9. Ciutadella Harbour

Considered one of the most beautiful ports in the Mediterranean, it is a must-see both by day and by night. This emblematic place of the city is full of shops, terraces and countless good restaurants. One of the particularities of the port of Ciutadella is the phenomenon weather known as Rissaga, which occurs occasionally, when the sea level can fluctuate up and down 2 meters during short periods of time.

Discover Menorcan cuisine with a view of the sea in some of the best restaurants in the harbour area such as S’Amarador, Tritón, La Payesa or Es Forat.

Ciutadella Harbour

10. Enjoy a romantic sunset

If you visit the Castle of San Nicolás at the end of the day you can enjoy the of sunshine around the port and its frenetic late-day activity.

11. Water Sports in the city

If you want to know everything that the port of Ciutadella has to offer, windsurfing, sport fishing, sailing or water skiing are some of the activities that can be done there.

12. Trekking

Although it is a city there are many routes around and near Ciutadella to enjoy the landscape while watching the local flora and fauna.

13. Sailing like a pirate

Throughout history the waters of Ciutadella have been home to several pirates. Discover the pirate life through a boat ride through the city, especially if you travel with children, while they learn about Ciutadella’s rich history.

14. Live the Menorcan night

Looking for something different? Ciutadella has many spots to go out. Visit Sa Clau Jazz Club where you can enjoy jazz music and cocktails on its terrace. Other options to live the night in Ciutadella are La Margarete, a garden bar with live performances and independent music. The Café Si Vens with poetry recitals and exhibitions, or the Asere, located next to the port to dance salsa.

Accommodation to enjoy these activities in Ciutadella, Menorca

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