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Experience Menorca in 7 days: plans you can’t miss if you visit the island

Viaje a Menorca de 7 días

Are you planning to visit the island of Menorca for 7 days or more? Menorca’s popularity continues to grow; its peaceful, wild, and natural tourism is a great attraction for tourists worldwide.

Undoubtedly, one of the island’s main attractions is its commitment to sustainable tourism, which has made Menorca one of the few practically untouched islands in the Mediterranean and declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993.

Menorca offers many prisms to enjoy it, whether you are one of those who like to enjoy the quiet coves and the sea if you prefer water sports or one of those who prefer to immerse yourself in the local culture.

What to do in Menorca in 7 days

If you’re planning your next holiday, here are some of the best ways to explore the island whether you’ve been here before or are visiting for the first time. Menorca has a marked Mediterranean charm that emanates from every corner through its history, its impressive coastline, its people’s character, and nature. So awaken your senses because the adventure begins:

Day 1: Explore nature

Undoubtedly one of the main attractions of Menorca is its idyllic landscapes and its warm waters of intense turquoise blue. 

Although the options are varied,  we would recommend Cala Pregonda, a  practically virgin cove located on the north coast of Menorca.  It offers a unique beach experience, with warm, golden rocky landscapes on one side of the water and green trees and lush forests on the other joined by a sandy beach in the middle. Although you have to walk about 2 km on foot to reach it, we can assure you that it is one of the most spectacular and original coves on the island. A magical place to disconnect, relax, and enjoy the surroundings. 

Another way to explore the island’s nature is to walk “El Camí dels Cavalls,” an ancient path that surrounds the island of Menorca from where you can contemplate its fauna and flora. This route was initially used for military purposes. It consists of 20 sections and can be covered on foot or by bicycle, but if you prefer to live up to its name, “The Horses’ Trail,” you can also take a ride on horseback along its 185 km route. Whatever your choice, we encourage you to discover the incredible views and landscapes that this route offers while you walk through the island’s history and culture. 

naturaleza que puedes contemplar en Menorca

Day 2: Enjoy the Mediterranean

One of the best things to do in Menorca is to enjoy the calm and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea from a boat or kayaking. Two different ways of spending a day at sea that will allow you to discover Menorca from a different perspective, reaching hidden corners that are not accessible in any other way. There are different alternatives to enjoy a day sailing along the coast of Menorca, to suit all budgets. From an excursion by Llaüt or renting your own boat or catamaran, you can access hidden coves or swim in slightly deeper waters. 

navegar por la costa de Menorca

The Llaüt is a traditional boat that was initially built as a fishing boat, and nowadays, it is used for excursions to sail from cove to cove in a relaxed way. It’s a particular way to spend the day swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing in secluded spots on the island, from 4-hour excursions to overnight experiences or multi-day trips.

If you are looking for a more personal experience, you can choose a boat trip. To enjoy the sea and learn about marine biology by exploring the caves scattered along the Menorcan coast from Cala Galdana to Fornells.

Another way to enjoy the Mediterranean waters is to take a kayak trip. Kayaking is more than just an activity; it is a lifestyle with multiple benefits beyond the physical. It will help you release anxiety and intuitively relieve stress, improving your mood. Es Grau is the ideal place for kayaking excursions, discovering the Biosphere Reserve from the sea, and exploring the caves in the area’s cliffs. If you’re lucky, you might even see a wild turtle!

Day 3: Feel the adrenaline

For thrill-seekers, a session of paragliding is one of the most exciting things to do on the island. You can enjoy this unique experience from 3 various points: S’Enclusal, Monte Toro, or Son Bou. Safety is guaranteed, as the jumps are carried out by certified professional instructors in charge of all the flight maneuvers. 

Another not-to-be-missed activity is windsurfing, and the bay of Fornells, in the north of the island, is the perfect place to practice it. This area of Menorca has the ideal conditions to enjoy windsurfing all year round. Other beaches where you can practise this sport are Punta Prima, Son Bou or Son Xoriguer. Connect with the sea and nature to experience unique sensations while sailing with just a board and a sail.

practicando Windsurf en Menorca

Day 4: Live the Romance

Turquoise waters, spectacular landscapes, and the calm of Menorca are the perfect setting to enjoy romance. From marvelous sunsets to fishing villages that seem to be anchored in time, the island offers you hundreds of places to let yourself go and connect with your partner, with the romantic places in Menorca.

There are few things more romantic than sharing a sunset in a magical place enjoying spectacular views of the Mediterranean with your favorite person. Moments you will always remember with a smile on your face.  Any sunset in Menorca is memorable, but we would like to recommend the sunset from Punta Nati. On a rugged and desolate terrain on the northwestern tip of the island, you will find the iconic Punta Nati Lighthouse built-in 1911. The best thing about sunset at Punta Nati is the absolute peace you’ll experience, as well as the incredible views. The setting sun’s glare hits the lighthouse, adding to the magic as it falls over the sea before disappearing over the horizon.

puesta de sol en Menorca

Day 5: Taste the Gastronomy

Menorcan cuisine is influenced by the different cultures that have inhabited the island throughout its history. Gastronomy is full of traditional recipes influenced by the seasonal ingredients offered by the land and the sea. In addition to the best-known dishes, such as lobster stew, Menorca has other specialties such as cheese and wine.

Caldereta de langosta

One of our favorite places to taste the typical food from Menorca is the Bambú Restaurant in Binibequer Vell. It is the perfect place to have a glass of wine or have dinner, tasting some of their dishes with typical island products while enjoying the sunset. 

Another of our favorites is Café Balear in Ciutadella, where you can try traditional dishes such as the famous lobster stew. Its cuisine’s success lies in its fresh ingredients, such as the fish that local fishers catch every day. 

As well as restaurants, we recommend a visit to Hort de Sant Patrici, a winery and cheese factory where you can discover how the vineyards and wine production have been recovered. On the cheese farm, you will have the opportunity to learn about the different types of Mahon cheese and its artisan production process.

Day 6: Discover the local culture

Situated on the south coast of Menorca, Binibeca is a small village worth exploring for its well-preserved traditional-style architecture and immaculate white façades that transport you back to the fishing villages of yesteryear. 

With only 165 houses, Binibeca was conceived as an idyllic retreat to attract intellectuals, bohemians, and authors to the area to seek and find inspiration. It was built for its inhabitants to enjoy the calm and tranquillity, a feeling that is supported by a uniform architecture with whitewashed houses and wooden balconies. The first house in the village was Casa Candi, and the last homes were built in the 1970s.

Fachadas blancas de Binibeca

Be sure to visit the church, the main square, and the promenade: three of its main attractions, which were among the first to be built. You can also lose yourself in its labyrinthine streets and climb to the village’s top to admire the white rooftops with the Mediterranean sea as a backdrop.

Day 7: Research the past

With 3,000 years of history, the Naveta d’Es Tudons is the best-known prehistoric monument in Menorca (and reportedly the oldest in Europe). It was found and unearthed in the mid-20th century. 

Navetas are typical Menorcan funerary constructions built around the year 1000 BC and belong to the island’s Talayotic culture. Constructed only with interlocking stones, they have been preserved in perfect condition over the years.

Naveta de Tudons, un lugar histórico de Menorca

Legend has it that two giants were competing for the love of a young girl. They agreed that one would build a ship and the other would dig a well, and the first to finish would marry the girl. Maddened by jealousy, the first giant threw the last stone (the one missing from the top of the façade) into the well, killing the other giant, and then committed suicide. It is said that the girl died unmarried and was buried in the naveta. 

An ideal villa to stay during these 7 days in Menorca

If your stay in the island is going to be for a week, we have ideal places for you to spend a very special stay in our island. We put at your disposal a selection of villas in Menorca to spend your ideal vacations with the greatest comfort. So that you can move with freedom for all these places that we have described to you and thus enjoy to the maximum of the best activities and places to see here.

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